Roll up 5.5 - Gray

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Perfect Size for an average men's pants pocket

I feel this item is called the "Roll-Up 5.5" because it is the perfect size to keep all of your roll-up accessories smell-proofed away! It features a double velcro main compartment which gives me hella security that my goods & wares are being safely protected behind TWO layers of velcro to prevent those leaky odors (cops are kinda like plumbers, right? They smell what they feel is a foul odor and then they pounce - much like a plumber).

This is my 4th purchase from Skunk Bags, and I have not been disappointed yet!

Suggestion: Throw in a handful of stickers with your orders (not just the two)!!!!
Suggestion 2: develop a points system that Members who create an account can redeem points for exclusive gear like clothing and other things not offered for free anywhere!!!!!!