Faceoff®+ Black Leather


• DIMENSIONS: 18”x6”x9.5”
• Premium activated carbon lining for 100% smell proof
• Dust-free lining throughout the bag
• Interchangeable face options
• 2 side pockets
• 2 side zipper pockets with netting pocket inside
• 1 top pocket
• 1 back notebook pocket
• 1 zipper pocket inside the main compartment
• Double zipper on the main compartment
• Zipper combination lock on the main compartment

Faceoff Design Patent  U.S. D920, 661 S

Faceoff Utilities Patent U.S.  11,000,108


FaceOff takes customizable smell-proof bags into the style stratosphere, with a range of daring, detachable designs. Each pack offers trailblazing trendsetters the chance to regularly switch up their style, without compromising on advanced smell-proof technology. 

 The bag itself comes complete with a minimal black cover for days when you need to blend in, and a range of convenient compartments to keep everything secure. 


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