Urban – Gray

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• Premium activated carbon lining
for 100% smell proof
• Padded pocket inside
• 1 front pocket
• Discreet zipper lock on main compartment

DIMENSIONS 18″ × 12″ × 6″

US Patent Number D821742


For unique streetwear styling, look no further than Urban, the smell-proof locking bag for keeping a low profile. Using one-of-a-kind odor-eliminating technology, the carbon lining closes aromas inside, with plenty of padded pockets to keep all your gear safe and secure. 

 Available in a range of contemporary colors, you’ll also find a combination lock for additional peace of mind. 

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2 reviews for Urban – Gray

  1. John Estilada

    Absolutely fantastic!!!
    I love everything about this bag, its so awesome and 100% smell proof

  2. JayAndSilentBob

    I love it it really is worth the money it costs especially for the extra peace of mind. I was very skeptical as I am with everything but decided to give it a shot and so far it’s not let out some pretty strong odors from some pretty big weights. Haven’t and hopefully never will but have not actually k9 tested myself but I honestly believe it would pass one.

  3. Alise

    Hey bud, we missed this but I wonder if you know that there is warranty for zippers?

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